How We Operate (ATO)

Gomez isn’t the most consistent band that ever lived, though they have been pretty good at releasing their more recent albums towards the beginning of the summer so that everyone’s too busy enjoying the weather to take them seriously. This trend started with 2002’s In Our Gun, their self-produced album full of weird electronic dickery that pissed off most of the fans the band had accumulated from their earlier, wimpier pop-folk records. In Our Gun wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it out to be — mostly because Gomez writes a lot of boring songs, and an album full of boring songs with a ton of goofy bells and whistles beats an album full of boring songs with none. As far as the latter goes, How We Operate has it nailed. The new album is all about the sound of predictable, radio-friendly Gomez rather than risk-taking, kind-of-silly Gomez. And while it’s nice to have a competent British import that NME’s not constantly losing their shit over, we could probably ask for better.


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