Low priority gift recipients

SUSPECTS INCLUDE    Your doorman, local bartender, trusted barista, yoga instructor, guitar/drums/knitting teacher, mail carrier, UPS/FedEx person, child’s favorite teacher, superintendent, landlord.

GIFT PARAMETERS      Not too personal, gently humorous, useful.

UTTERLY PROHIBITED    Undergarments (aka foundation garments),  holiday travel packages.

PENALTY IF SUSPECTS GO UN-GIFTED    None. Note: Use caution and restraint when gifting suspects, as some might find you odd and/or creepy for giving them a present.


Hidden New York:
A Guide to Places That Matter

Because you hate yourself for never, ever going anywhere cool unless it’s located within a five-block radius of your apartment, and you want everyone you know to feel the same way. $23, Urban Center Books, 457 Madison Ave.

If you’re gonna give a gift certificate, might as well give one that challenges the recipient to delve into the deepest and most eclectic selection of any video store in New York and come up with something that the clerks won’t scoff at. Make ‘em work for their present. Kim’s Video Store, 144 Bleecker St.

New York Coffee Cup
This microwave-ready ceramic copy of the iconic NYC coffee delivery system is by Graham Hill. Coffee lovers will thank you (and so will all those saved trees). $14. MoMA Design Store, 81 Spring St.

French Rabbit
Can a wine be eco-friendly and delicious? Yes. French Rabbit eschews traditional glass bottles for the much more environmentally sound recyclable tetrapak. Comes in all your favorite grapes… $12-20, Charmer Distributors, 48-11 20th Ave, Astoria. (Call 718-545-7400 for availability.)

Dwell Magazine
Consumer envy is as prevalent in this city as shady real estate developers. For those who live in less than sumptious  surroundings Dwell is civilized pornography for the aesthetically inclined. 
Subscription, $19.95,

Movie poster from Posteritati
Whither the art of movie poster art? It’s evaporated into the same place as film scores we, suppose. Posteritati has an incredible treasure trove of vintage posters, some of which are exceedingly rare. Others, like Army of the Shadows, Jean Pierre Melville’s 1969 classic, can be had for a mere $25. 239 Center St, 212-226-2207


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