Have You Ever Fallen in Love With a Customer? 


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Hails from: Puerto Rico
The most stylish women in the world live in New York City. I’ve been to Paris; Paris doesn’t come close. Those girls are all sexy in the same way, but here you have every type of sexy girl. But the stylish girls here aren’t always beautiful because they don’t smile enough. You can’t be beautiful if you’re not smiling, and you can’t fall in love with girls who don’t smile. You should smile more, too. You might be a good looking guy if you smiled more. Maybe cut your hair.


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Nah, I’m usually too pissed off at other drivers to pay much attention to the customers, and they’re usually on their phones or talking or anything to pay any attention to me. I’m more in love with some of the bikini models I see advertised on giant signs. God bless those signs. Traffic can back up in front of those anytime.


Hailed in: Midtown
Hails from: Sierra Leone
Nope. The nice girls who get in my cab usually get in with guys so I couldn’t talk to them. Girls don’t want to date cab drivers; I know that from my life outside of the cab. They’re excited to meet a guy with a car until they learn I make my living from it. Then all they want is a free ride home from the bar and they send you on your way.


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Hails from: Westchester
That’s tough because most girls don’t like it when you try and talk to them; they think you’re hitting on them and they’re usually right. But one time I had a customer, like a really gorgeous one, who came in and she’s in a great mood and just wanted to chatter away with me. I think she was talking about birds or something? Like, how much she liked parrots or colorful birds or something? It was cute and, you know, gorgeous. But then a song came on the radio, and I won’t lie, it was the Aerosmith song from the Bruce Willis movie. We both knew it and we start singing together, and it’s like this great moment because we’re really belting it out and having all this fun, and I probably felt like I could’ve married her. But I didn’t. Never saw her again.


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