The Heroes and Villains of New York City 

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Graydon Carter

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Graydon Carter used to be a hero. Along with Kurt Andersen and Tom Philips, the mysterious Canadian (yes, it's possible) founded Spy Magazine in 1986, a much-needed satirical antidote to the self-important, status-mad 80s. Spy set the table for a humor-laden, media-savy approach to cultural criticism that would lead to everything from Gawker to The Daily Show--and then he became the thing he hated. Sure, he's done some great work as the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, but he's done a lot to contribute to celebrity-mad America, too. And then he opened an exclusive West Village celebuclub, the Waverly Inn. And then he started saying things like this: "I find it harder for anybody as they get older to feel 100 per cent strongly behind one party. There's lots more grey than when I was younger. I'm a libertarian." Sometimes, there's nothing more villainous than when a hero gives up.

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