Hey Fatty, It's Time for the Beach 

Every year we freak out a bit in the middle of May, mainly because of our middles. You see, we know that some time in June we are going to have to take off our shirts and expose our pale, sickly, flabby northeastern-winter bodies. We’re still freaking out, but we thought we’d ask Slope Fitness Program Director Renee Daniels for a few tips on how to get in shape quick, so we might freak out a little less.

1. Eat smaller meals, more times a day. Too often we go without food to get thinner, which just slows down your metabolic rate; this puts you into starvation mode and the body burns fuel slower. Eating multiple small, daily low-fat meals speeds up your metabolic rate and will give you more energy throughout the day — and burn calories more efficiently.

2. Pair strength-training exercises with aerobic exercises. An example of this is doing squats or lunges for lower extremity toning and after each set jump rope for three-minute intervals to keep the heart rate up. Fifteen lunges each leg, then three minutes jumping rope. Twice. You can also do upper-body strengthening, like push ups, and pair those with squat jumps. Two sets of ten each.

Interval training will keep your heart rate at a fat-burning zone while you strengthen individual muscle groups. Focus on whatever area of your body needs toning — arms, back, chest — just keep moving.

3. Do a lot of core work. Planks are great for strengthening and toning the whole trunk. Face down on the mat, elbows bent with hips off the floor: hold that position for fifteen counts. Do three sets. Trunk rotation will give you the six-pack effect (which you’ll want for the beach). Holding a towel or weighted ball in front of you, slowly rotate trunk and shoulders from right to left. Pull in stomach as you rotate.

For more info, you can check out Ms. Daniels book, Straighter, Stronger, Leaner, Longer from Avery Books.


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