Hott Tickets! with Mike Conklin 

3/29  Bravo Silva, at Pianos
Their vaguely 80s-ish pop music isn’t quite revolutionary, but the songs themselves are so good they could stand up to any stylistic flourishes. And they’re from NYC, so show your support before they move to Philly. Fuck.

3/30  Editors, at Webster Hall
They’re like the learning disabled younger siblings of Interpol. Please just stay home and watch the The Office. It’s getting better, I swear.

3/30 I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, at Mercury Lounge
Honestly? I think their record might be just ok, but there’s never been a better band name.

3/31  Pink Mountaintops, at Webster Hall
The less druggy (or at least less metal) side-project of Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean.  

4/6  Sondre Lerche, at Bowery Ballroom
He’s my favorite teeny-tiny Norwegian songwriter, and I imagine he’ll be playing new stuff.

4/6 and 4/7  Neko Case, at Webster Hall
Neko Case seems to get just as much attention when she doesn’t have a new record out as when she does. I’m not even sure I know why she bothers. She sure can sing, though.

4/7  The Hold Steady, at Warsaw
Separation Sunday is still getting better and better each time I listen to it. And they might be the best live band around.

4/8 The Lilys, at Cake Shop
Lilys frontman Kurt Heasley might be a genius: “Don’t blow my trip. I am free. You are free. We can have different trips or the same one.” He’s like Devendra Banhart, but with a focus more on pop than folk and poor hygiene.

4/9  Voxtrot, at Mercury Lounge
These indie-rock newcomers have been turning heads, and for once, I understand why. Incredibly tight, melodic and poppy — and 100 percent gimmick free.


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