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6/21 Dave Bazan at Maxwell’s
Last I heard from Dave Bazan he was still using the Pedro the Lion name and had just released a record called Control. There were some enjoyable moments, I guess, but overall it was repetitive and bogged down by a lack of dynamics — two problems that paled in comparison to the fact that it was essentially a Christian Rock record, driven by Bazan’s occasionally self-righteous, annoyingly preachy lyrics. It was so awful that I stopped listening to him for years, until a few weeks ago when I went back and listened to the song ‘Big Trucks’ from The Only Reason I Feel Secure, and realized he was prone to occasional heart-stopping brilliance. His songs were understated but intense, melodically interesting, and if at all, only subtly moralistic. Or, in short, sort of perfect. I’m willing to give him one more shot at redemption, because, well, that’s what any good Christian would do.

Also of Note...
6/25 Travis Morrison at Mercury Lounge
If only because you and I both know a 0.0 rating on Pitchfork shouldn’t kill a career the way it did for the former Dismemberment Plan frontman.

6/30 Grizzly Bear at Bowery Ballroom
Welcome some of Brooklyn’s finest back after a marathon European tour and get a sneak preview of their new record, set for release on Warp Records in August.

7/4 Belle and Sebastian at Battery Park
How Much I Like Belle and Sebastian, Episode 428: A few weeks ago, drunk with some friends in my living room, I decided I was going to get the line, “Do something pretty while you can,” from ‘We Rule the School’ tattooed on my forearm. I haven’t yet, but I’m going to. Some day.


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