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We’ve just about reached the time of year when all the best shows are taking place at the many outdoor venues that pop up here every year. And as we (I) discussed a few pages back, in the Summer Music Preview, we (I) couldn’t be happier about it. But in reality, it’s still a week or two too early for all that sunshiney goodness, so in the meantime, you’re going to have to suffer through a few more nights of shows that take place not under the stars or the blaring sun, but under low, grimy ceilings with the paint peeling off. Or, like, tall, beautiful ceilings, if you go to some of the nicer venues. Whatever. It could certainly be worse, right?

Noteworthy shows:
5/23 Ladybug Transistor at Bowery Ballroom
The long-running and extremely underrated Merge band is on their first tour after the untimely death of their drummer, San Fadyl.

5/25 Bright Eyes at Town Hall
People stopped talking about Cassadaga pretty quickly, didn’t they? Dude still sold out a week’s worth of Town Hall shows, though. Accelerated hype-cycles be damned.

5/26 NYC Popfest at the Knitting Factory
Lots of presumably good bands are playing, but I should take a moment to mention the Ballet and My Teenage Stride specifically.

5/28 The National at Bowery Ballroom
Fresh off a string of shows opening up for the Arcade Fire, the Brooklyn band plays their first of five consecutive sold out headlining shows.

6/5 The Pipettes and Smoosh at Highline Ballroom
What are the odds of the gals of the Pipettes asking the gals of Smoosh to join them for a duet? Slim, probably, but we think it’d be the best.


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