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with Mike Conklin

I’m not sure how I feel about spending New Year’s Eve at a rock show. If, when midnight strikes, you’re being assaulted by loud guitars and drums, how, may I ask, are you supposed to call your mom to wish her a happy new year? And how, may I ask, are you supposed to get sufficiently drunk when you’re being pressed up against a stage by a bunch of sweaty hipsters? It just doesn’t add up. If you ask me, the hottest ticket in town on New Year’s is the bar or house party where the people closest to you will be hanging out, where the pigs in blankets are plentiful, and the champagne is left out because it’s actually kind of gross.
My job, though, is not to tell you what to do. It’s to tell you what your options are if you’re looking to go out. And lucky for you, there are many.

They Might Be Giants at NorthSix
If I were to go to a show on New Year’s, this would probably be it. The Johns are still in fine form, and I can’t think of a band that would throw a more enjoyable, completely irony-free holiday party.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the National and Dr. Dog at Irving Plaza
If you missed it the first time, here it is again – the most talked about tour of the year presented one more time, lest anyone forget who owned indie-land in ’05.

Radio 4 at the Knitting Factory
If you like your punk rock danceable and your “NYC” bands from Long Island, here’s the show for you.

Patti Smith at Bowery Ballroom
I’ve been sitting here trying to fiure out what the crowd will be like at this show, and I have absolutely no idea. I mean, Patti Smith is dope, obviously, so I’m sure it will be good, but she doesn’t exactly scream New Year’s to me.

Also of Note:
12/21 Cellar: Fuck and Run
12/25-1/1: Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s
1/6: Damon and Naomi at Tonic
1/14: Sufjan at Lincoln Center


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