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Say what you will about the Oscars — that it’s nothing more than an excuse for rich people to stroke each other’s already inflated egos, that it’s more about the red carpet than anything, or that Brokeback Mountain’s just another lame, melodramatic Hollywood love story that we’re supposed to pretend is a big deal because it’s about two dudes. None of this changes the fact that you’d totally go if you could. You can’t, though, because you’re not famous and no one really cares about you.

This is precisely why you should turn your attention to the Plug Awards Show, where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Now in its second year back after a brief hiatus, the Plug Awards honor the best independent musicians of 2005, as nominated by a cast of industry types and writers, then voted on by the public. The show will feature performances by Cage, Celebration, Chad Vangaalen, Aesop Rock and the National.

(Disclosure: Yours truly is one of the aforementioned industry types/writers)

Also of Note:

2/3: Low at Southpaw
I don’t know. I thought they broke up too.

2/9: Sigur Ros at the MSG Theater
Perhaps you’ve had a long day at work and need a nap. Just ask your friend to wake you up when he does that cool thing with the violin bow.  

2/10: Catfish Haven at the Knitting Factory
Filthy, ragged, soulful rock from some folks who clearly mean it.  

2/11: Audible at Scenic
Endlessly enjoyable, dreamy pop from Philadelphia.

2/13: Vic Chesnutt, Dave Bazan, Mark Eitzel & Will Johnson at Bowery Ballroom
Hmm… I’ve been looking for a show featuring four super-sad, well-known white dudes with guitars alternately taking center stage while the others play backup. Any ideas?

2/14: The obvious choice for Valentine’s Day fun would be Cat Power at Town Hall, but maybe you and your sweetie are stuck in the late-90s and you just have to know what J. Robbins is up to. Go see him in action with the unfortunately named Report Suspicious Activity at the Knitting Factory.


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