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For the most part, when I decide to call something a Hott Ticket, all I mean is that it’s a show I endorse and that it’s happening in New York City at some point in the next two weeks. Rarely, if ever, do I hand out the title because public demand for admission is overwhelming. In this case, though, I’m going to be a bit more literal about things, as a co-worker (who will remain very, very nameless) just informed me that he spent more money on two Sufjan Stevens tickets than I would ever spend on anything, except maybe a pony, or a house. Or maybe one of those awesome coats like the one Harold wears in Harold & Maude. Dude spent $320 (plus whatever service charges and delivery fees he’s not telling me about) for two tickets to see the most overrated indie-rock phenomenon in the history of overrated indie-rock phenomena. To be fair, the seats are in the front row, and I guess old Sufjan’s hair will look even better up close. Regardless, I felt I had to let you know, because it would seem we’re dealing with a bona fide Hott Ticket here. (Stevens plays Town Hall from 9/29–10/1)

Noteworthy Shows:

9/29 The Mountain Goats at Europa
Despite the intense subject matter of his newest record, you know you can count on Darniele for a fun and exciting live show. 

9/29 The Muggabears at Trash Bar
Fast becoming one of my favorite NYC bands. See page 26 for more info.

10/1 The Hold Steady at Irving Plaza

You’re probably getting sick of hearing about these guys already. Tough shit, though. You’ll have to get used to it.
10/8 Au Revoir Simone at Mercury Lounge

Electronically-enhanced dream-pop from a Brooklyn band that flies weirdly under the radar. Check ‘em out.


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