Hott Tickets! 

with Mike Conklin

It seems superfluous to give you another half-page of CMJ recommendations, since I essentially just spent an entire week and 23 pages doing exactly that. By this point, you already have a pretty good idea what shows you’re going to each night, and all I can do is hope you haven’t decided you want to go see that band Child Abuse we wrote about on page 30.

Saturday afternoon, though? That should still be up for grabs, which is good, because of all the recommendations I’ve already handed out, this is the one about which I’m most serious: Along with V2 Records, The L is having a party at Midway (25 Avenue B), and you need to be there. Why? Well, lots of reasons.

Reason #1:
The bands. In order of appearance: Canon, Cavalier King, Hysterics, Takka Takka, Rosewood Thieves and Dirty On Purpose. Whoa.

Reason #2: The booze. As of right now, we’ve got a bunch of beer from Red Hook Brewery, and we’re working on getting more. And the party starts at noon, which is when you’d normally start drinking anyway. Right?

Reason #3: The DJ. Ridiculously good indie pop band Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s will be spinning, I assume, the perfect soundtrack to a drunken Saturday afternoon.

Reason #4: The cost of admission. There is none. It’s free.

See that? That’s a lot of reasons, all of them good. So I’ll see you there, right? Come say hello.


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