Hott Tickets! 

I usually take this opportunity to tell all 105,000 of you exactly where I’ll be spending my birthday, and to invite each and every one of you to come celebrate with me. But then, a funny thing happened when I tried spreading the word last year: People in a certain magazine’s office kept insisting that it was sort of strange and, if not totally fucking creepy, then definitely just really, really pathetic. I firmly disagree, of course, at least with the part about it being creepy. Homeboy was just trying to let you in on a potentially fun night full of music and booze, but whatever. Now I can’t tell you anything about my birthday because all these jerks will make fun of me. So I will say only this: at some point in the next two weeks, I will be at a bar, probably in New York State, and probably with Mrs. Hott Tickets, who also has a birthday coming up. We will be drinking beer, laughing and making everyone listen to the music we want to listen to, which is way better than it sounds. Come find us, will you?

Also of Note:
11/7  James Murphy at Skylight Studios
The LCD Soundsystem dude will rock a DJ set at this RE*Generation benefit. Should be sweaty and full of very, very attractive people.

11/10  Laura Cantrell at Mercury Lounge
Is it safe to call Laura Cantrell the reigning queen of New York City’s alt-country scene? I think that it is.

11/11  Jay-Z at Hammerstein Ballroom
I have a cat named Jasper, whom I call “Jigga” so much that he’s starting to answer to it. Perhaps if I tell Jay-Z that, he won’t make me pay $52 for a ticket to this show.

11/19  Peter Moren at Joe’s Pub
Without Bjorn and John at his side, Peter will presumably be playing his solo songs, which, in six months, will be playing every time you go into H&M.


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