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Oh man, are you guys still tired from the July 4th weekend? To be honest, I’m writing this on Wednesday, July 2, so I don’t really know how I’m going to feel, but I’m assuming I’m still gonna be out of commission by the time this issue comes out. On the other hand, I’m also assuming that I will have come into a large sum of money, purchased a two-bedroom apartment in Carroll Gardens (did you know that most of them require a 20% down payment?) and had babies (did you know that you have to buy them clothes and food?), all as a way of kicking off another year of sweet-ass, hard-won independence. Or maybe it will just be a regular week with lingering hangovers and lots and lots of good bands playing.

Noteworthy shows:

7/9  Fleet Foxes at Bowery Ballroom
Here’s hoping you got tickets for the season’s don’t-miss indie-folk show.

7/11  No Age at the South Street Seaport
Fuzzed-out, noisy indie rock à la all your favorite bands from the 90s.

7/11  iPhone 3G at Apple Stores Everywhere
Twice as fast and half the price!

7/13  The Breeders at McCarren Park Pool
The most welcome comeback of the year.

7/15  Spoon at Prospect Park
As you get off the F train, if you see someone struggling to carry a stroller up the subway stairs (and you will), please offer to help.


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