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With Mike Conklin

Nevermind trying to drink less or lose weight or quit smoking or whatever. Your New Year’s resolution should be two-fold this year, and strictly music-related. First, let’s all agree to steal less music, ok? I get tons of stuff for free, and even I have vowed to buy vinyl copies of the records I like. Record stores are hurting, and unless we do something about it, it’s not going to get any better, considering the bleak economic outlook for 2009. Which leads me to number two: Since bands are seeing less money from sales, and since not everyone has been lucky enough to score lucrative licensing deals, they desperately need you to go see them live, if only so that they can get to the next city. Let’s try going to one more show each week. You’ll feel better, you might meet a cute boy/girl, and the bands will be able to afford gas to get to their next show. Everyone wins.

Noteworthy Shows:
1/11  caUSE co-MOTION at Glasslands
Is 2009 finally going to be their year? It should be. But then again, 2007 and 2008 should have been too.

1/15  Ida Maria at Mercury Lounge
A Norwegian artist whose album, Fortress Around My Heart, will finally see U.S. release in April. It’s going to be awesome when your niece sells her Pink records and buys this instead.

1/20  Animal Collective at Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom
How big is this place? Does it by any chance hold all of New York City? It might have to.


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