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If you’ve ever decided against going to see a band you really wanted to see just because you didn’t want to miss one of your favorite TV shows, I don’t necessarily think you’ve got anything to feel weird about. My wife went to see the Bouncing Souls on the night of the series finale of Friends, and I don’t know that I’ve ever quite forgiven her. In the next few weeks, though, all your favorite shows — The Sopranos, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, etc. — will be on hiatus for the summer, so now’s your chance to get out there without feeling like you’re missing something. Just not on Sundays. Entourage is starting soon.

Noteworthy Shows...

6/8 The Coup at Bowery Ballroom
Sample lyric from the hip-hop group’s new record “We’re here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor/And make the damn revolution come quicker.”

6/9 The Spinto Band at Bowery Ballroom
Multi-layered classic indie-pop, but with kazoos.

6/9 Cat Power at Town Hall
I’m taking a huge editorial risk by writing about this show so far in advance. Who knows what stars have to be aligned in order for it to go down as scheduled, but here’s hoping everything works out.

6/10 The Aislers Set at NorthSix
Like a 60s girl-group who grew up listening to noise-rock. Or did I just describe Sleater Kinney? I don’t know. They’re lots of fun.

6/13 Sonic Youth at CBGB’s
Sonic Youth release a good record for the first time since I was in high school, and it costs $25 to see them play? At CBGB’s? Sheesh.

6/16 Band of Horses at Bowery
Oh my God, who still listens to Band of Horses? 


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