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As I write this, it’s about 95 degrees outside, and the humidity has climbed to somewhere right around 200 percent. I’m sitting in our nicely air-conditioned office, sipping a delicious iced coffee, completely comfortable. And yet, strangely, I find myself wishing I were outside, specifically, watching live music. It’s a compulsion I rarely experience, since I burn so easily and have, at best, a love-hate relationship with the sun, but after dragging myself over to McCarren Park Pool for last week’s free Superchunk show, which was lovely and inspiring in a whole mess of ways, I’ve dedicated myself to tracking down that same feeling throughout the rest of the summer. Here’s where I’ll be looking in the next two weeks.
7/4 The New Pornographers at Battery Park
Last year it was a bunch of Scots, this year it’s a bunch of Canucks. And they’re set to release the best record of their career, so that’s pretty cool.

7/7 Built To Spill and Cat Power at McCarren Park Pool
Ok, so I’m lying. Unless someone steps up and gets me a press pass, I’m not actually going to this one.

7/11 Spoon at Rockefeller Park
I’ve seen Spoon at SXSW enough times to tell you with great confidence that they’re even better outdoors.

7/14 Les Savy Fav, O’Death at Solar One
The bands will be playing on a solar powered stage, which is reason enough to go support it, right? Tell your friends, too.

7/16 The Decemberists at Central Park
You can laugh at Colin Meloy’s silly stage antics, but rest assured, he’s going to make the whole  crowd sing together or hold hands or some shit, and it’s going to be awesome.


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