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with Mike Conklin

If the debates about rockism (Jesus Christ, spell-check, when will you start recognizing rockism as a real word? It is a very real word) didn’t already have your head spinning, I refer you to Why?, the Cincinnati-born and Berkeley-based indie-pop/electronic/hip-hop band whose new album, Alopecia, is currently the toast of hipster nation. It’s a huge-feeling record that jumps all over the place, driven mostly by frontman Yoni Wolf’s third-spoken, third-sung and third-rapped lyrics. He sounds like a cross between Mellow Gold-era Beck and that idiot from Cake, and his favorite topics are secrets and sex, which he addresses with something between candidness and soul-crushing irony. In ‘Good Friday‘ alone, there are lines that will furrow your brow (“Picking fights on dyke night,” “Blowing kisses to disinterested bitches”), sitting right next to lines about crying at a Silver Jews show. It’s the most laughably offensive aspects of hip-hop filtered through the most laughably offensive aspects of name-checking, heavy-meta indie rock, all of which would be far too much to handle if every song didn’t feature a monster hook that sounds absolutely nothing like the one before it. They play on Saturday, 3/22 at the Knitting Factory, and I imagine the live show will be even more confusing and glorious.

Noteworthy shows:

3/19 The Gutter Twins at Webster Hall
Remember when you used to be able to smoke at venues? Yeah, well, Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan probably still can, which is just one of many reasons they’re so much cooler than us.

3/23  The Raveonettes at Maxwell’s
These two were almost has-beens, but now they’re back and people swear they’re good again. Hmm.


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