How Do You Pass the Time During Slow Hours? 

You ever sit in a bar and wonder how exactly it is that the bartender seems to have less of a drinking problem than you do, even though he or she has access to unlimited amounts of essentially free booze? We wonder about that all the time, especially when we’re the only customer in the bar. How do they do it?

Where she presides:
Kabin, East Village
Favorite drink: Budweiser
I’m in school, so I usually study. I’m studying Public Relations. There’s tons of reading to do. Or I watch TV — we usually have sports on. I’m a sports fan, so I like to keep up with that.
Where he presides:
Continental, East Village
Favorite drink: Jameson on the rocks
Sudoku. I’m getting pretty good. I can do the difficult ones now. I do the ones they have in the Post. They have an easy one and a difficult one.

Where she presides: The Pound and Pence, Financial District
Favorite drink: Vodka tonic
I try my best to talk to the guests, to the other staff members. I have nothing better to do, I guess, so that’s what I try to do. I’m friends with the staff, so I talk to them, mostly. That’s all I can think of.


Where she presides: Stillwater Bar and Grill, East Village
Favorite drink: Guinness
I play darts. I play cricket, and last week I was playing a guy who’s in the dart league here — and I whooped him! Actually, I have a whole routine. I get in and I get my construction workers around noon. Then they’re gone by around one. That’s when I make my lunch. Then the Daily Show and the Colbert Report come on. Then my favorite regular, Buster, comes in and we watch TV and read the New York Times together — we do the crossword puzzle together. By then it’s around four and things are getting busy.

Where he presides: The Town Tavern, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink: Guinness and whiskey at the same time. “It’s an after-hours drink.”
I read. Right now I’m reading The Poor Mouth. It’s an Irish book. I don’t remember who the author is. The only thing I can think of that’s comparable is A Confederacy of Dunces. It’s about a scam in order to get people to speak Irish. At one point, the main character dresses up a pig. It’s hysterical. It’s fabulous. [Note, when the reporter explained his mission to Patrick, he gave upon him a free beer. Patrick is now one of our favorite people. Tip him extensively.]


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