How Do You Stay Fit? 

Yeah, sure, we sit at our desks all day long, so we understand what it is to get a little hefty around the equator. We even tried to do some of those weird desk exercises designed specifically for office drones, but we got slapped with a harassment suit and lost the job. And we’re still tubby.

Where I hailed him: LES
Where he hails from: Gambia
Years as a cabbie: 1
Previous profession: Businessman
I jog quite a bit. I work nights so I jog between two and three in the afternoon. I think I’m pretty fast. I’ve worked out all my life. It just makes me feel good. I bet you can’t guess my age. [35?] 47! See? You should start jogging, too.
Where I hailed him: Gramercy
Where he hails from: Pakistan
Years as a cabbie: 20
Previous profession: Surveyor
I don’t play sports at all, but I sleep and work, and that’s how I stay healthy.  Living here for more than 25 years, and I have never been to a bar. Never to a theater. Also I don’t keep girlfriends. Only a wife and kids. My kids keep me in shape. They keep me young.

Where I hailed him: Bushwick
Where he hails from: Bangladesh
Years as a cabbie: 6
Previous profession: Waiter
I work out in the gym, but only sometimes. I’m only 34. I’m pretty young, I still look good. I don’t want to be too thin, so I eat whatever I want. When I work out it’s more to feel good, not to look good. I look good enough already.
Where I hailed him: Midtown
Where he hails from: Queens
Years as a cabbie: 17
Previous profession: High school teacher
You didn’t get a very good look at me, did you? [Jeff is… a little on the portly side. Reporter tries to continue smoothly. Fails.] It’s ok. I used to be thin — even used to play football in school. Just eat well and exercise, I guess. [Reporter, trying to be sensitive: “But now…?”] Now I’m an old man. What the hell.
Where I hailed him: Union Square
Where he hails from: Iran
Years as a cabbie: 4
Previous profession: Mechanic
I don’t think about it too much. I always eat healthy food, and that’s what’s important. [Is it hard to get exercise when your job requires you to sit all day?] I walk on my breaks. And I don’t work all the time. A lot of people have desk jobs or have to sit all day… not all of them are fat.


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