How Does the Weather 
Impact Your Business? 

David Hailed in: Upper West Side
Hails from: The UK

Sometimes the nice weather we’ve been having helps because people are out in the street later at night. No one wants to take the trains late at night anymore.

Hailed in: Midtown East
Hails from: Mexico

You get a lot more customers when it’s raining or snowing or really cold out. We haven’t had any snow or even much cold this year, so I’m not picking people up immediately after dropping someone off like I might be otherwise. I still get fares, but no one is really screaming their heads off looking for a taxi like other times.

Hailed at: Port Authority
Hails from: Pakistan

The only time it has impacted me is last year when we had those terrible snowstorms and it took so long to get the roads cleared. Obviously I couldn’t get around until that was fixed, though I tried. I made it a few blocks before it just got too bad and I had to turn around. Luckily my space was still there. That was a terrible week. Of course, when the roads did get cleared, a lot of trains were still down, which meant a lot more people were forced to take cabs. That almost made up for the business I lost before.

Hailed in:Fort Greene
Hails from: Seattle

You get more people in the colder months, especially around the holidays because a lot of tourists for some reason want to take a New York City taxi. But they don’t tip much. In the summer people are more open to walking or bikes or whatever. I have a solution for that, though: convertible taxis. Be driven around with the top down! [What would you do during the winter?] Well, yeah. That would fucking suck.


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