How Healthy Is Your Brooklyn Neighborhood? 

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Bushwick Score: 26/50

Available Green Space: 4

Other than in the comparatively small Maria Hernandez park, seeing trees or even grass in the neighborhood is difficult. For the most part, it’s just warehouses, pavement, and errant trash.

Fresh Air: 4

Traffic isn’t as heavy here as it is in some neighborhoods (meaning a slight break from exhaust fumes), but the relatively high instances of shipping and manufacturing warehouses (and therefore massive trucks), fish and live poultry markets, and the aforementioned problem with free-floating garbage combine to create some pretty unfortunate smells.

Bicycling Infrastructure: 6

Bushwick Avenue, full of gaping potholes and speeding drivers, has become a pretty notorious source of death and injury, and the neighborhood has had some high profile accidents, including the hit-and-run that claimed the life of Total Slacker drummer Terence Connor in fall 2012. Also, Citi Bike has yet to arrive in the area. The neighborhood is packed with bike shops, though, the side-streets are nice and generally unpopulated, and most businesses are bike-friendly and have racks set up outside. Plus, more bike lanes are planned for the Bushwick-Ridgewood border as early as fall 2014.


Gyms: 5

A new of Crunch just opened off the Flushing stop, but elsewhere the options are mostly limited to the likes of Planet Fitness and Richie’s. The Living Gallery has flexible payment yoga classes once a week, and then there’s Green Fitness, which has a juice bar, spa, personal training, and a huge array of classes.

Healthy Food Availability: 7

Thanks to a big boom over the past few years, nearly every subway stop in the neighborhood now has at least one solid source of organic produce, though the bigger, longer-running chains—Key Foods, Associated, etc.—are still hit or miss. There’s also the Bushwick Food Cooperative, which runs a CSA that’s available to non-members.

Summary: While the neighborhood’s food situation has dramatically improved over the past several years, other hallmarks of health-consciousness are still on their way.

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