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How to Fix a Flat
1. Remove wheel from bike: Depending on how it is fastened into the frame you will either open the quick release lever or loosen axle nuts with a wrench. Pull wheel from frame.
2. Remove tire and tube: Insert tire levers between rim and one edge of tire and pry the tire over the rim. Slide levers around entire rim releasing one edge of tire fully. Remove inner tube by hand.
3. Inspect tube and tire: Pump air into inner tube, listen and feel for where air is escaping. Patch the punctured tube, or replace with it with a new one. Check tire well by gently running fingers on inside of tire while visually inspecting the outside for what caused the puncture. Remove any glass or other debris.
4. Reinstall tube and tire: Have one full edge of tire installed on rim. With a small amount of air into tube, insert valve into rim and fit tube evenly inside tire. Reseat tire fully by prying it over rim by hand. Use care to not pinch the inner tube. Inflate tire, checking part way to make sure tire is fully and evenly seated on rim.
5. Reinstall wheel: Fit wheel into dropouts making sure it is centered in the bicycle frame. Close quick release or axle nuts tightly. Spin wheel to make sure it is moving freely.

Susan Lindell, Recycle-a-Bicycle, Dumbo

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