In the Shadow of the Moon 

Directed by David Sington

Going to the moon is still awesome. A documentary so ardently pro-American might seem a bit out-of-place in the current climate, but In the Shadow of the Moon is definitely earnest in its sentiments. Director David Sington reexamines the nine historic Apollo missions NASA sent to orbit and land on the moon in the late 60s and early 70s, through re-mastered footage from the voyages (some of which had never even been developed) and newly conducted interviews with surviving astronauts — who, with a grandfatherly blend of modesty and candidness, come across like aging next-door-neighbors boasting about a family barbeque. More than mere historical or scientific record, In the Shadow of the Moon is entrancing — and often exhilarating — as it returns the staid nostalgia of Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 to the level of mythology it deserves (Howard, ironically, helped distribute the film). Above all, it is the space footage itself that is so remarkable and captures, with a Lumiere-like simplicity, the majesty of moving images.

Opens September 7


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