In Which the Divine Fits Indulge Us in Something Closely Resembling the Newlywed Game 

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Dan Answering for Britt

What is Britt’s favorite song from the record to play live?
Dan: I think he likes all of them. Can I say that? I don’t think he has a favorite one to play live. I know I don’t.
Britt: My favorite song to play live is probably “Shivers.” It has a build, and I like songs that build. And Dan goes nuts at the end.

If Britt wasn’t in a band, what would he do for a living?
Dan: A spy. I could see him being some sort of covert operative.
Britt: I’d probably be getting work anywhere that I could. I mean, my last steady job was a copyeditor, and I really liked that. It was for an online company that taught courses. They’d put dozens of courses up online that students would take, and somebody had to edit the text. For some reason all those grammar rules really stuck with me, so I was pretty good at it.

What is Britt’s worst habit?
Dan: He doesn’t have any. I lived with him for the first four or five months after I moved to L.A. It was just the two of us, and I can’t think of anything. [The L: His apartment wasn’t even messy or anything like that?] God, no, not at all. That’s his worst habit—not having any.
Britt: My worst habit? Wow, these are tough questions. I mean, if I’m at a party, and there’s a big bowl of guacamole there with a bunch of chips, I will just sit there and eat the entire bowl of guacamole. You can’t keep me away from it. I try not to double dip if I’m, you know, at a public trough.

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