Inside the Artist's Studio: R. Justin Stewart in Bed-Stuy 

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How difficult are your fleece pod pieces to install?
Well, you don't think about the weight of each one of those pods, because they're just fabric, but with tension pulling in the opposite direction and then the weight of a large fabric bulkiness pulling on them, it's really hard. But this installation at Invisible Dog is a lot more nuanced, it's a lot more about composition, how the pods interact with each other, how can you move underneath them, there's going to be a lot more tweaking. There are so many little elements and little compositions. There's a lot more interconnectivity, with pods pulling on each other, which I want to happen, I'm interested in the interconnectivity and that they're all pulling on each other, I'm interested that these ideas are all kind of torquing on each other to create each other. That's the concept that I'm interested in. It makes installing a little more difficult, but it's getting to the place that I want to get to. I think it'll be fun.



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