Inspiration Drills: On the Influence of Guided by Voices and Robert Pollard 

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7. How do you feel about the recent reunion shows? Is there a small part of you that wishes they hadn’t done ‘em? Or do you welcome them fully?

Frank Lyon, Keepaway
They have apparently been quite good. In this case, I welcome them fully.

Thomas Fekete, Surfer Blood
I welcome it. With arms wide open, under the sunlight.


Andrew Savage, Fergus and Geronimo
If they still love playing the music and sharing the stage together then why not? 

Beth Wawerna, Bird of Youth
I'm totally ok with the reunion shows. The thing is with all of these bands reuniting and touring and all thatóitís ultimately your choice as a fan whether to participate in that or not. If youíre skeptical or would prefer to remember the band as they were, then you donít have to buy tickets and you donít have to go. And thatís sort of my blanket feeling on reunion shows in general. If youíre scared of being let down, then just donít goóbecause I think often itís our own expectations and fears that can make these reunion shows feel sort of icky and disappointing. It can end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. That said, I saw Pavement last year in Central Park and I thought that show was really incredible. I didnít go see any of the GBV reunion shows, but more for logistical reasons than anything and Iím certainly not mad that they did them.

Luther Russell, Producer (Holly Miranda, Laura Marling, Sean Lennon)
Reunions are fine. Not my thing, but I’m not knocking them. Like any great band reuniting years later, it’s never the same and always a bit strange. As McCartney always said when they begged him to reunite with the Beatles: “You can’t reheat a souffle.”

Ezra Feinberg, Citay
Welcome them fully! Reunion shows are like post-breakup sex—with the time apart you remember how great it was, and then you appreciate it even more! Hopefully...

Emily Ambruso, Grooms
I’m into it.  I mean, it’s totally up to them. There’s been a huge rash of indie rock reunion shows over the past few years, obviously, which is kinda odd, but probably a good thing, on the whole. Keeping things in a historical context is always good.

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