Interview: A Sunny Day in Glasgow 

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The L: How many songs did you have originally?

BD: Well, the 22 songs on the album, we got mastered as 13 tracks and then we split them up further in Wave Runner, so there’s probably another ten that we cut, and a couple new ones we’ve done this summer. I think those are going to get released next year, but broken up into EPs. Probably not an album, but we don’t really know at this point.

The L: You’re moving to Australia soon, right?

BD: Yeah, in about a week.

The L: So do you have a plan for how the band is going to work now?

BD: Kind of. We’re going to go on tour in November and December, and uh, it’s kind of crazy actually we need to find another singer to come along with us. So that’s a little nerve wracking. When I’m gone every one else is going to practice, all the between now and mid-November, and then we’re also sort of planning to spend a lot of the first 6 months of next year on tour as well. We haven’t really thought ahead beyond that, I don’t think.

Annie might try to move to Australia at least for a little while next year at some point, and Josh I think is going to come as well. But that’s pretty far off.

The L: So, do you anticipate working on stuff on your own there that’ll end up being ASDIG songs?

BD: Oh sure, I mean everything that we’ve put out so far has originated with me doing stuff on my own, more or less. So that’ll still go on. I sort of hope that we’ll find a new singer actually in Australia, because that’d be great to have some one to keep working with down there. Immediately we just want to tour a lot in the next year. We have enough songs that we can at least put out at least two new releases next year, so, hopefully that will keep us busy for a while and then we can sort out what the Hell else to do.

The L: Are you a person who is really influenced in the stuff you write by your surroundings? Do you notice different sounds and ideas coming from your time in different locations?

BD: I mean everything I’ve written has pretty much just generated from my apartment. It’s weird, when I was living in England and Scotland, I never did anything musical at all in those places. Then I went to grad school in Montreal, and I didn’t do anything musically there. It’s like I only work on music stuff in Philadelphia. It’s kind of strange. Hopefully though, if I’m in Sydney for many years, I’ll get comfortable there, and hopefully start writing music there as well.


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