Is Drunk Driving a Big Problem in New York? 

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It's a bigger problem in the outer boroughs, not so much Manhattan. I live far out in Queens, and someone in my neighborhood got a DUI not too long ago. For the most part, angry and aggressive drivers are a worse problem. All the drivers here just need to smoke some pot and chill out. [You're recommending they drive while high?] Wait, hold up. Shit. Yeah, smoke the pot, wait for it to wear off, then drive.

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Never with cab drivers. This is our job; we don't fuck around with it. I can't imagine any cab driver being so stupid as to drink and drive. Even if you don't go to jail, you'd definitely lose your job. It isn't worth it. I mean, would you do your journalism work while drunk? [Uhh... no.] [Ed. Ha.] You may see more of it among regular drivers; I do hear about that sometimes. Not with cab drivers, though. But we do drink after our shifts. You better believe it.

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Drunk people are (a problem). They walk in the middle of the road, or cross the street when they don't have the signal. You have to be very careful driving here at night. Even though it's less busy, you're almost more likely to hit someone. People are harder to see, and they're not as cautious. I don't drink myself, and I would never do it while driving.


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"Not really. Actually I think this would be a pretty easy city to drive drunk in, since traffic is so bad you never get the chance to go that fast. I mean, duh, you shouldn't, since you need to dodge people and all, but I think it would be worse to drive in some hick part of the country where you go faster and it isn't as well-lit as night."


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"I don't know, but I wouldn't think so. Not many people drive here, so when people get drunk they just take the subway or cabs. Drunk people are a problem, though. I've had people get sick in here, right where you're sitting, actually. (Reporter moves over.) Ha. I cleaned it. But yeah, I never seen anyone I thought was driving drunk here. Can't imagine they'd get very far with all the cops around."


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