L TV: New in NYC? Advice for the Newbie... 

We recently asked some Brooklynites for the one piece of advice they'd give to new New Yorkers (basically, get a job, get a bike, move to Greenpoint and have fun). Here they are...

Holland, 25
5 years in NYC
"I would advise them not to move to Greenpoint because I want to keep it all to myself... Don't wear shorts if you're a guy. Or sandals to a bar. It's just not put together."

Rebecca, 27
5 years in NYC
"Meet people at barbeques. Everyone's having a barbeque."

Theodora, 21
7 months in NYC
"There's always something to do and there's always people around, which is really nice. You gotta find the cheap stuff. You have to look. I'm in love with the 99 
cent store."

Matthew, 27
5 years in NYC
"I hope you have a lot of money and a job. I think if you want to live somewhere cheap, you really have to look."

Neil, 23
5 years in NYC
"Go out as much as you can. Don't stay in your apartment. There's always something going on. There's no excuse to be bored really."

Jen, 23
5 years in NYC
"I have big advice. You have to get a bicycle. You have to get a bike and you have to live in Greenpoint."

Matt, 35
10 years in NYC
"I think staying disciplined, carving out time to follow what you're passionate about. And don't worry about what anyone else is doing. It's easy in New York to get competitive."

Marina, 29
15 years in NYC
"Get a job. Right away."

Jack, 31
10 years in NYC
"Move to Brooklyn. It's the people I guess. It's where you want to find yourself at night. There's art here, there's music here, everything's here."

Brandon, 29
11 years in NYC
"Take risks, and listen to your adventuresome side. When in doubt, say yes."

born here
"Try to learn about the neighborhood you live in. Do a little research and learn about the history of the city. You can feel connected that way. Don't be a tourist in your own neighborhood."

Ali, 30
10 years in NYC
"Don't try so fucking hard. Just be yourself. Have some respect for the locals and your neighbors."

Andrea, 17
born here
"Don't be scared. Everybody's always saying Brooklyn is so tough but it's pretty cool. It's a nice neighborhood."


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