Lady Sovereign 

Public Warning(Def Jam)

Before being offered a deal with Def Jam Records, Lady Sovereign was flown to New York, where she was asked to audition for label-head Jay-Z, freestyling a couple verses right there in the board room. And just like that, the impressed CEO snagged the diminutive British rapper the blogs had been buzzing about for over a year. Her debut full-length, Public Warning has finally arrived, and it’s an incredibly anti-climactic end to what was one of the more interesting hype-cycles in recent memory. This isn’t to say the songs aren’t good, of course; for the most part, though, they’re the same songs you’ve already been listening to for two years. Songs like ‘9 to 5’, ‘Random’ and ‘Hoodie’, (all of which were released as singles in England last year), plus a few others that were floating around on the internet appear once again, and disappointingly, they’re the best songs on the record, save for the breakout new single ‘Love Me or Hate Me’. On most of the other new tracks, Sov’s patented hi-pitched squeal is simply far too irritating.



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