Losing Something 

3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St.

Kevin Cunningham’s multimedia performance, Losing Something, is a dreamstate-like exploration of one aged bisexual New Yorker’s personal post-traumatic dealings with 9/11, and the boyfriend who committed suicide shortly after the tragedy. There is much video projection used throughout, and about halfway through the performance the technology takes a huge leap forward, and literally makes it impossible to tell whether the images in front of you are living, breathing humans or, shockingly just real projections. And it’s pretty neat.
In fact, this technique (known as Eyeliner technology, never before seen in the U.S.) is so stunning, that I momentarily forgot about the self-indulgent train-wreck of a performance I was in the midst of watching. Sure, the performers, led by Aldo Perez, put in a valiant effort, but with the pretentiously ambiguous script and mechanical staging, they are unable to make an impact. In fact, even the jocular moments come across as cringingly philosophical.

In essence, the show is a morbid, diaper-clad male intellectual and sexual fantasy (the boyfriend is also accompanied by a trio of nearly-naked women). There is no story, and there is no conclusion; the performance simply stops. Luckily, this abrupt curtain call, which arrives in less than an hour, comes as a relief.


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