We, The Vehicles (Flameshovel)

When it comes to writing pop songs, not many folks are more adept than Davey Von Bohlen. As frontman for the unjustly vilified the Promise Ring, he more or less created the notion of non-embarrassing emo tunes that would stand the test of time, and his songwriting evolved into expansive pop overtures by the band’s underrated swansong 'Wood/Water.' His initial reemergence as a member of Maritime a few years ago went somewhat unnoticed, but on their sophomore effort, Von Bohlen is back in fine form, crafting catchy three-minute ditties with hooks and brains. Joined by fellow Promise Ring alum Dan Didier, and Dismemberment Plan bassist Eric Axelrod (who has since left the group), Maritime tease danceable grooves, sparkling guitars, and the same lyrical playfulness that has always made Von Bohlen so instantly likeable. Just because you’re known for fantastic teenage love songs, doesn’t mean you can’t age gracefully, and with We, The Vehicles, Davey Von Bohlen has done exactly that.


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