MIXTAPE: Fareed Sajan's Songs to Listen to in the Dark 


Headless Horseman's 5songs EP is available here.

1. Mount Eerie - "Between Two Mysteries"
Surrounded by darkness, what better way to begin than with Mount Eerie's take on the Twin Peaks' theme song? For all things creepy and odd to set the mood, seek Lynch, Phil Elverum and Julie Cruz.

2. Four Tet - "Angel Echoes"
Built from vocal samples put together to make a coherent vocal melody/narrative; utterly brilliant. Please close your eyes. After listening to this, it seems boring to just sing in one continuos breath.

3. Atlas Sound - "Shelia"
Perfect pop song, period.

4. The Knife - "You Make Me Like Charity"
Conner says: This song reminds me of that time in between being awake and being asleep, when your mind spontaneously�‚ generates imagery and audio and severely distorts your perception. Voices at all different pitches going back and forth at each other, exchanging ideas, saying a sentence over and over that seems like it was made up in a dream. It's like natural drug music.

5. Portishead - "Over"
This song will take you further into your darkness thanks to a drugged-out trip-hop beat. Soon you will be blind.

6. Broken Social Scene - "Hotel"
It is perhaps appropriate to have this song after Portishead and the Knife, continuing with the beat. Love this bassline too. Dark and hushed, you can pretend you are Michael Jackson singing — I think that makes more sense than to believe Kevin Drew is behind this one.

7. Twin Sister - "Meet the Frownies"
The chorus is especially eerie, kind of 80s in a Cure kind of way. There is a lot of space in this song, space to spread out and lay down in your dark room and get high.

8. Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan - "Who Wellses in my Hoff"
Reverse this intentionally reversed track from their intentionally reversed album and you will have some family time with Avey and Kria as they bake bread. I have to interject a happy song here and there. Like "Shelia," this is a love song of sorts. Love is full of moments like baking bread, right?

9. Buke and Gass - "Immoral But Just Fine, Okay"
By far the most minor and haunting song off Riposte, yet strangely beautiful. This band is destined for great things, just you wait.

10. tUnE-YarDs - "Jamaican"
�‚  The chorus is "I see you, I see you, oh yes I do." Don't be alarmed: In the darkness, someone is always watching you, or since you can't see, there might as well be someone watching you. I find this song to be genuinely creepy and a little deranged, but I like songs that make me feel crazy and in character.

11. Mouth's Cradle - "Demon"
�‚  Kevin is a friend of ours, and this song features him playing a dope deep melody on his tuba. Another dark-themed beat song.

12. Warpaint - "Bees"
The bassline is trilled and sounds like bees buzzing. This song is dense and gets really post-punk and driving and a lil' glitchy, and it has an awesome lil' guitar part in the chorus. I'll end the mixtape with a dance party in the dark.

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