MIXTAPE: Katy Goodman's Songs to Run By 


La Sera's self-titled debut is out on February 15, via Hardly Art

1. Minor Threat - "I Don't Wanna Hear It" - Listen here
There's no better way to run fast than to get angry doing it.

2. Jay Reatard - "Not a Substitute" - Listen here
Short, fast, and beautiful.

3. Mika Miko - "I Got a Lot" - Listen here
It has a great energy, and when they say "Get off it!" I like to think they are talking about my coach. I also like to think they are yelling "Too many tacos!" at me, which would be correct.

4. Government Warning - "No Moderation" - Listen here
I tend to gravitate towards the fast and angry songs, and this is one of the best of them.

5. No Bunny - "I am a Girlfriend" - Listen here
This song always makes me smile and is great for jogging.

6. Girls - "Lust for Life" - Listen here
The egg shaker helps keep your rhythm.

7. Fucked Up - "Police" - Listen here
Angry and fast, one of the best running songs around. Plus when you run by a cop car while listening to this, it gives you an extra sense of satisfaction.

8. Davila 666 - "Hanging on the Telephone" (Nerves cover) - Listen here
This is one of the best covers I've ever heard in my life. Has an incredible vibe, and it's in Spanish. Can't go wrong here.

9. Scream - "Came Without Warning" - Listen here
One of my favorite DC hardcore bands, always a good choice.

10. Bikini Kill - "Double Dare Ya" - Listen here
Having Kathleen Hannah screaming motivational messages in your ear when you're getting tired is crucial.

11. Gorilla Biscuits - "New Direction" - Listen here
Even though this is at #11, it makes the most sense to begin your run with this song. Listen to it and you'll know why.

12. Wipers - "Youth of America" - Listen here
It is fun to try and run a mile in the exact playtime of this song, which is 10 minutes long. It has a strong, driving drumbeat the entire time, so it helps you keep a constant pace.

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