MIXTAPE: Kevin Diamond's Songs to Listen to While Drinking With Your Father 


"You Don't Love Me Anymore," the first single from the debut Shark? album will be out on 7" via Oops Baby Records on February 22.

1. Genesis - "Counting Out Time" - Listen here
You pour your father a scotch, and yourself the same. Take the first sip, and begin talking about women.

2. Cheap Trick - "Surrender" - Listen here
Your father used to get stoned to this song. He explains how differen ("better") weed used to be.

3. Harry Nilsson - "Jump Into The Fire" - Listen here
Your father needs another scotch.

4. The Kinks - "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman" - Listen here
A conversation about late-era Kinks vs. early Kinks ends poorly, much like last Thanksgiving's conversation on gays in the military.

5. Nick Lowe - "I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass" - Listen here
You explain to you father how Nick Lowe basically wrote Elvis Costello's best song. You need more scotch.

6. Stevie Wonder - "Boogie On Reggae Woman" - Listen here
It is agreed that everyone loves Stevie Wonder, and that those who say they don't are clearly assholes.

7. Warren Zevon - "Nighttime in the Switching Yard" - Listen here
More scotch.

8. David Bowie - "Golden Years" - Listen here
Your father tells you that story about the time he almost saw David Bowie in concert.

9. Big Star - "Feel" - Listen here
Your dad used to get stoned to this album. It seems like he's bringing this up a lot, but you really don't wanna share your stash with him.

10. Fleetwood Mac - "Rhiannon" - Listen here
More scotch.

11. Steely Dan - "Bad Sneakers" - Listen here
Dad's eyes are getting heavy. He's talking about some show on television that you've never heard of and you're pretty sure he made up.

12. Harry Nilsson - "Coconut" - Listen here
Take the bottle of scotch, and leave your father passed out on the kitchen table to by found by your mom in the morning.

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