MIXTAPE: Matthew Dear's Songs for Doing Your Taxes 


Preparing your taxes is about as fun as going to the dentist. I had four wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, and the music playing in the office made the ordeal far more tolerable than it should have been. I imagine I should thank Pandora for that; and my Williamsburg dentist for having good taste. The following list of tranquil songs should help get you through both of these evil necessaries in life.

1. Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - "Departure" - Listen here
We play this song just before the band goes on stage and it is such a wonderful way to relax the crowd and have them refocus their thoughts for the show. My favorite part of a concert has to be that moment just before the band takes the stage after the lights go out, when everyone is brimming with anticipation.

2. Porn Sword Tobacco - "En Ny Morgon"
Porn Sword Tobacco is my hidden gem. Everything Henrik Jonsson produces puts me at ease and makes me wonder what's really going on beneath it all. He is an extremely talented and versatile musician. His latest album is a departure from his previous style of ambient washes but in all the best ways possible.

3. Fennesz - "A Year In A Minute" - Listen here
Put all of your year's problems into a minute with fantastic and classic Fennesz.

4. Fourcolor - "2 Strings"
"2 Strings" is soft and beautiful, but at the same time wrought with tension. I guess it keeps things realistic. You're not fooling yourself and trying to pretend the work load isn't hard. You just want a better way manage it all.

5. Benoit Pioulard - "Ailleurs" - Listen here
Keep going, you are halfway there. Thomas Meluch will help you get through the mountain of work.

6. Goldmund - "Jones Beach Dunes" - Listen here
When you go in for a surgery, take some really good memories to escape on. I am not sure which Jones Beach prompted this song's title, but I have a few of my own in mind.

7. This Will Destroy You - "Ritual" - Listen here
Hope is where the heart is.

8. Brian Eno - "Zawinul/Lava" - Listen here
Another Green World is one of my favorite albums from Mr. Eno. It is placed perfectly between his change. Some songs have words and others do not.

9. Talk Talk - "Wealth" - Listen here
Wealth, or lack of it, has gotten us into this predicament now hasn't it? Talk Talk can help.

10. Townes Van Zandt - "To Live Is To Fly" - Listen here
There are quite a few recordings of this song. My favorite is the live version from the Be Here To Love Me soundtrack. There is something so pure and honest about Townes' voice and his writing which draws people in for endless listens. There is hope within the hardships, and no one turns it into song quite like Townes.

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