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Jim Herbert: Painter, Bushwick

1. 114 Forrest Street
There is a very strange building in Bushwick. It looks made-up like a painting or background prop on Law & Order. A maquette. Stacked dormers, four or five in a quirky beautiful un-design rising three stories above the skyline. Industrial rusted red. Have you seen it?

2. Plastic Bag Razor Angels
I love the razor wire with angelic wings of fluttering, streaming plastic bags. Impossible to paint but I wish I could. Maybe it should remain unaltered reality, its own installation piece.

3. The Breakfast Lady
Every morning around 7:30 a well dressed woman in a broad-brimmed straw hat wheels a tiny well-appointed cart of breakfast goodies to the warehouse entrance across the street. Huge semi's back in and out, missing her by inches. I worry. It looks like a close call every time. One day I saw her hat flying down the street. She was ok. Just the wind. I never saw her sell anything, but I'm sure she does.

4. The Local Light
The light in Bushwick is spectacular. Like Tuscany. Especially when the sun is low and streaks with dazzling, golden embers glowing from the windows and bricks and streets. The low-lying buildings free up the light. The surface textures, the clutter, so varied the color shifts in waves of warm and warmer, then cool.

5. English Kills
I love my gallery and the tiny dog that protects it.


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