Party Tracker: Glamdammit 

This ‘Drive-In Saturday’ night party from Twig the Wonderkid and the Astronettes, with special guest host Georgie Seville, has your friends saying “it’s good,” and “it’s just like rock ‘n’ roll”; all the “Jung the foreman prayed at work...” dudes will jump through hoop’les to catch the eyes of Burning Angel go-go team Apathy Angel and Jessie Lee, while dancing-out personality crises between New York dolls and Jersey-transplants transformed into bleached-blond Debbie Harrys who have come over — the April showers bringing Brian May-followers — to hear electro-punx Lismore (11pm), see late-night cabaret from Stormy Leather (2am) and dance to DJs on the ones and twos, Michael T, Theo and Punk Ass Jason spin Suzi Quatro in 4/4 as a crash course [in glam rock] for the ravers and stooges of contemporary pop culture.                     

Glamdammit: 21st Century Boy, April 19
Don Hill’s  511 Greenwich St, at Spring St, 11pm, $10; $5 in advance


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