Party Tracker: Tiswas 2.0 

In a city as changeable as NYC, where parties are launched one week and gone the next, Tiswas has survived three venues, several resident DJs, and the ridiculous New York cabaret laws that forbid dancing (Footloose anyone?) — the indie disco prevails!

‘Tiswas’ officially means ‘a state of confusion or commotion,’ but one can assume that the name was taken from the 70s children’s show in which TISWAS stands for ‘Today Is Saturday, Watch and Smile.’
Watch and smile you will, as Nick Marc and fellow Brit Spiky Phil, along with helper elf Jess (TRASH!), delight your ears with the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll, indie, electro, Britpop, 60s soul and more. Of course, Tiswas is known almost equally for the its early-night live music and has seen legendary sets from such NYC music-makers as The Strokes, Interpol, Radio 4, Hopewell and Silver Rockets. The attendees are just as notable, as everyone from Courtney Love to Primal Scream has shown up. Come be a part of NYC’s longest-running indie disco, buy Nick a drink while you’re there — he deserves it.

Saturdays 11pm, $5 with flyer; $10 without
The Annex 152 Orchard St, between Stanton and Rivington Sts


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