Directed by Marcus Nispel

Poor little Viking boy, simply known as Ghost, is a fish out of water when the dragon ship wrecks on the coast of the New World some 1,000 years ago and he’s left behind to be raised by the Wampanoag tribe. Thus begins Pathfinder, a bloody fantasy from the director responsible for remaking The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Like 300, Pathfinder, which is based on the 1987 Norwegian film of the same name, cuts a murderous swath through its mythical path. When the Vikings return 15 years later seeking Ghost (Karl Urban), who’s now 25, the young warrior wants no part of his ancestors and disappears into the forest. The inevitable chase begins.

Heads roll, bodies are impaled and villages burned as the meanie Vikings show no mercy for the peaceful Native Americans. The story’s actual “Pathfinder” character (Russell Means), now up in age, wants to pass the tribal torch to the next generation. Will it go to his daughter Starfire (Moon Bloodgood), who joins Ghost on his mighty mission to upset the Vikings?

Filmed in snowy mountains, there’s a fun downhill sledding scene, a massive avalanche and a frozen lake that gives way. The gorefest subsides for a few moments here and there, allowing you to enjoy the wintry setting, but not for long.

Opens April 13


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