Impeach My Bush (XL Records)

Peaches owns a forceful, uncompromising voice, and her confrontational porno call-outs spill from the opposite end of Kool Keith’s bawdy well. As another chapter in her nebulous assault on gender identity, Impeach My Bush will not enlighten critical parties. It does, however, make for an occasionally thrilling listen. Jurassic power chords loosen the immobile machinery of tracks like ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’ and the Joan Jett rock stomp ‘You Love It’. Clear standout ‘Downtown’ transcends its tired genital metaphor to supply the album’s one requisite melody. Poring over Peaches’ lyric sheets for coherent statements would be a wasted effort, as her version of topical commentary involves commanding the two curious boys in her fantasy threesome to “work it guy on guy.” Were she not wholly committed to character, Peaches would fail as both satirist and provocateur, but I’ve yet to catch her flinching on record.     


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