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What Laurel Wants Most

Considering how much I’ve already elaborated on the finer points of fashion for fall on page 18, it’s tough to make any really new points here. I would tell you what Carla Bruni’s loving right now, or what new jacket David Beckham just can’t stop thinking about, but I can’t. I don’t have their numbers. What I can do, however, is lay out the pieces I’ll be snapping up for those cool September days. While I can’t say for sure what dudes are craving (Do you all crave new clothes? Kind of, sometimes, right?), if I were you, I’d invest in a soft plaid shirt and a skinny wool tie. Oh, and aviators! Yeah. Aviators.

A Soft, Semi-Sheer Tank or Tee
I’m not talking figure-skater sheer, I mean are-those-or-aren’t-those-her-nips-showing-Alexander-Wang-blazer sheer. These should not, I repeat, not be skin-hugging: they should be worn loose with a fun bra or layered with another tank. Alexander Wang (of course) set the benchmark here with his great pocketed racerback tank, but Alternative Apparel also makes some stunning (and eco-friendly options).

A Pair of Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans
Could I be any happier that the current trend for denim is loose and slouchy? No, I could not. I’ll probably look like an overweight clown, but I’ll be able to sit down without flinching and maybe even (god willing) ride a bicycle. Current/Elliot’s ripped jeans sold out almost overnight and are so popular they’re available by pre-order. For the more frugal (read: not stupid), invest in a pair of Levi’s 501 from Urban Outfitters.

A Long Blazer
Somehow I always feel like Chrissie Hynde (plus some  stronger hipbones, minus the lush voice) when I wear a man’s jacket. The look of a long blazer right now is kind of evocative of dressing in a man’s shirt. I like the idea of even slyly pairing it with shorts or a miniskirt — it’s seriously sexy. Of course, Alexander Wang nailed this trend as well, though Phillip Lim followed closely behind with some great, boxier options.

A Floral Dress (Think 90s)
What’s great about this season’s florals is that they can be super-feminine with heels and a soft cardigan or Courtney-Love-in-Hole with a leather jacket and Doc Martens. Topshop has some truly outstanding selections, as do Diane von Furstenberg and Anna Sui.

A Pair of Menswear-Inspired Trousers
The best style compliment I’ve ever received was from a friend who wrote: “She be Hepburn with a K.” Now, while I don’t think I’ve ever lived up to that moniker stylistically speaking, I’d like to try kicking my heels down Park Avenue in something straight off the set of The Aviator. I’ve found some great options from Acne and United Bamboo, though we all know my heart belongs to Mayle.

Some Kick-Ass Ankle Boots
Lace-up, chunky, high-heeled, possibly platform. There are so many to choose from I sincerely don’t know where to start, though I imagine LD Tuttle and Opening Ceremony will probably have a hand in my decisions.


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