Pickled Polish Pilsner 

I have a confession to make. I do NOT like pickles. In fact, the last time I had lunch at the L Mag offices, some staffers may remember I was none too pleased to find a wet pickle nestled under my chicken parmesan panini. I almost dry-heaved just transferring the stinky, flaccid spear to the trashcan. Paradoxically, when I think of the pickles described above, they sound pretty appetizing. I like garlic and peppercorns. A crunchy, flavorful pickle doesn’t sound so bad. This Rick’s Picks recipe just might transform me.

I’ve heard that in Poland people drink pickle juice to cure hangovers. Try a Pickled Polish Pilsner and there’ll be no need for a morning remedy. Simply pour a Polish pilsner-style beer (I prefer Zywiec or Hevelius) into a chilled glass and stir in 1/8 cup of your homemade dill pickle juice. Garnish with a dill slice. Na zdrowie!


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