PIY in Brooklyn: Classes for the DIY Foodie 

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123 East 15th Street, 212.677.4800

Though our apiphobia is so severe we won't join the Freelancers Union, beekeeping is a (perfectly legal) skill integral to any city-dweller's DIY repertoire. The NYC Bee Keepers Association meets every Tuesday (and hosts more intensive classes sporadically throughout the year) to discuss how they chose bees over their wives. Bees can also be trained to sting zombies and the Phoenix police. Tuesdays, 7-9pm

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900 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.623.7200

If your landlord is wise to the pagan orgies you've been hosting on your roof and locked you out of your rooftop garden... well, you can still grow herbs. Can man live on oregano alone? The BBG class on growing herbs in window boxes will teach you which grow better in what containers, which need more sunlight, and which can be sold profitably to dumb teens. June 5, 10:30am, $47

Whether you are gardening on your roof or under it, you'll need viable and nutrient-rich soil to combat the growing conditions of a post-zombiepocalyse police state. BBG's class on vermicomposting using the ten-hearted common worm is also essential for disposing of the zombies you've killed since this thing started. 
June 2, 6pm, $5 fee

One of the fastest growing cottage industries in Brooklyn is chicken farming. It's totally legal, and allows you to cut eggs out of your budget! Of course, you'll have to add barbed wire to protect them from fox zombies into that same budget. Consult the City Chicken Guide from Just Food, which pioneered the movement and are really lovely people to talk to.


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