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The L: For more than a year now, the larger media has latched onto and covered as a "scene" this resurgent lo-fi sound. And I did it myself in a piece over a year ago at MTV News, where we talked to Tyvek and Psychedelic Horseshit — bands that you know. Now, you've been making music on your own, home recordings, for a long time. But you must have some thoughts on it all being declared a "scene."

KV: Well, I think anything becomes a scene after a while if enough people are doing it, but I don't think my music is lo-fi. It's like a digital 8-track, I've never used a 4-track — and truthfully I still do record at home when I have to. But Adam is a great engineer, he did the Hunchback EP and if someone wants to lump me in with that stuff — I don't care cause it's temporary. Childish Prodigy is definitely not lo-fi, there's a couple of home recordings on there. I don't know, lo-fi is cool, but not in a "hip" way — like old Siltbreeze stuff, some of it's cool. But not because it's hip. It's about the music — the music has to do something for you, not the sound quality.

The L: Right.

KV: And it has history too. Like old Rolling Stones or blues records like Charlie Patton. And something in it works like a sound effect. There's a quality you wouldn't get in a huge studio where people think everything should be clean.

The L: So what's the rest of the summer have for you?

KV: I'm doing a west coast tour with Woods, little things like that. And when the record's out on Matador I'll definitely go wherever. I'll definitely try to open for Sonic Youth, or something. But I'm sure a lot of people would like to open for them.

The L: You planning to stay in Philly?

KV: Yeah I like Philly. It's a lot cheaper and it's close enough.

The L: Are the Phillies gonna repeat?

KV: I don't know. Probably not. What are the odds? •

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