Classics (XL)

Every genre needs its poster boys, and for super-hip electro background music, the two dudes behind Ratatat are clearly the men for the job. Classics is their second full-length, and it sounds basically the same as their first: meticulously assembled instrumental beats relying mostly on synths and distorted electric guitar lines. None of these songs really go anywhere, but they all make for bright textures that one could easily see being used in commercials or, to be generous, films. I guess this is to be expected; the duo’s first wave of songs proved much better suited to singles and remixes than to an actual 45 minutes of dedicated listening. Classics has ample fodder for some great remixes, and as for singles, the funky ‘Wildcat’, complete with cheesy feline sound effects, does exactly what it needs to. It sounds modern, it’ll sell the record, and it probably works really well playing in the background at a downtown bar that’s too cool for most of us to ever go to.


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