Real Estate Officially No Longer Writing Songs About the Beach 

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MC: I don't think it's going to be as intense as that, but, you know, it is a two-hour drive and you end up staying there until midnight or later recording stuff, so I'm sure there are going to be times where we'll stay up there for a couple days in a row. Another thing too, I think it was different for Titus because they were up there in the summertime, and it's basically just a giant barn. Inside the barn, they've built another building where they have the control room and a big live room. That part is heated. So if you're up there in the summer, you can hang out in the whole barn area, but for us, it's going to be a little bit more claustrophobic. It gets real cold up there.

The L: Are you planning for it to come out on Woodsist?

MC: That's the one thing we're waiting to make a final decision on—which label to choose. We're talking to a couple people; it's cool. Then we'll have enough money to proceed with the record, 'cause we don't really have any more right now. That, and the record is probably about 75 percent written, so in the next couple weeks I have a bunch of song ideas and stuff we just have to practice and work out the rest.

The L: Are all the new songs you've been playing live going to make it onto the album?

MC: I think most of the new stuff we've played live is going to be on it. We put out a 7-inch a few months ago on True Panther, and I think the A-side of that, "Out of Tune," will probably end up on the record, but we'll try to keep the B-side exclusive to that, so that's one new song that probably won't end up the album.

The L: Are you trying to get away from the onslaught of "summery," "nostalgic" adjectives that everyone tends to heap on your music? The whole scene is starting to become overrun by it.

MC: It's true. I don't know, I wouldn't say "darker" or anything, but I am making a conscious decision to not write songs about, like, the beach or anything like that—I guess try to change things up a little bit lyrically, and musically too. At least for me, it's kind of hard to decide to write a certain kind of song, you know? Whatever comes out comes out, and then over the course of a couple months, if you write five songs, they might end up being similar or different from the stuff you've written before. It's just kind of always evolving, so I can't really tell what the vibe of the album will be until we're done recording it, but I'm sure it's going to be different.

The L: So it's that time of the year, I've gotta ask, favorite albums of 2010?

MC: I haven't really been listening to that much new music, but I would say Julian's [Lynch] record I listened to a lot—Mare. But I've also been listening to his new album that's not out yet—Terra. For me, that came out in 2010, though I don't think it's coming out until next year—a little preview for you, it's really good. And, you know, I really like the Titus Andronicus record. I can't think of other things that came out this year...

The L: Well, Deerhunter, that was a big one. I know you just finished touring with them.


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