Resolved: Bowties Are Underrated 

Five Fashion Resolutions for 2008

1) Learn how to tie a bow-tie. And fold a pocket square. In fact, get better about menswear altogether.
I recently attended a wedding in South Carolina, where a male friend rushed over to me clutching a bowtie and said, “Laurel, can you help me with this? You seem like someone who’d know what to do.” In that moment, I wished more than anything that I were that girl. Given how many menswear-inspired looks there even are for women lately, how badass would it be to show up for a dinner wearing a tie and a perfectly folded pocket square? Way better than, say, knowing how to fix a flat tire. Which is, er, on my “non-fashion-related” list of resolutions.

2) Field trip! Venture outside your neighborhood.
As you, dear readers, have no doubt surmised, I live in the West Village and am extremely loyal to my local boutiques (tip o’ the hat to Albertine, Mick Margo and Castor & Pollux). This year, however, I took some extremely worthy field trips that have made me a convert to spots like Matter, on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope; Bird, on Smith Street in Cobble Hill; and the Conran Shop, on East 59th under the bridge, among other places. While I can’t promise that there’s good shopping to be had in, say, Staten Island, I think I’m going to stalk some consignment shops on the Upper East Side in January — braving the stodgy residents will probably prove worthwhile.

3) Wear more heels.
This year the platform came back with a vengeance and boots took striking heights. I get so whiney about having to walk all over town in them, but every time I see a girl wearing a killer set of heels, even with jeans and a blazer, I get a little jealous.

4) Wear less cheap, stretchy cotton.
So the boy-style v-necks and tank tops are a wardrobe staple, but stretchy gold pants and tube-top leotards? We all know it’s time to put those away, right?

5) Go to the tailor. Often.
I’m constantly buying things and saying “I’ll have them altered,” only to find them still in the bag in my closet four months later. There’s a guy I know who looks absolutely fantastic in every pair of jeans he owns because he goes to his tailor, like, every time he buys something. There’s no reason I can’t make pals with Hong Kong Jack on Waverly. Or go to the gym more often. But hey, one thing at a time.


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