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To the Editors,

It was kind of disappointing to see the coverage you gave to a bunch of Star Wars memorabilia at the front of your film section (Issue 9, vol. III, May 11) when you had a reviewer go see Shake Hands with the Devil, the documentary about the genocide in Rwanda. Why bother with yet another puff piece about Star Wars when you could have brought attention to a great film about a crucial moment in the history of the late 20th century? Your moral priorities are way out of whack.

Gavin Beck, Brooklyn

Dear Music Writers,

Thanks for the springtime song list (Issue 9, vol. III, May 11) — any BBQ party with a soundtrack featuring Le Tigre followed by Ahmad Jamal is bound to be a success. You guys should put out an album of New York seasonal songs!

Abbie Moss, East Village

Dear L Magazine,

Although I appreciate much of your arts coverage, I must say I am disappointed with your lack of comprehensive dance coverage. In a city with a thriving dance community it’s unfortunate that you haven’t been able to do justice to this oft-neglected art form.

Elaine Deane

Dear Mike Conklin,

I usually turn to the L for interesting record reviews and the
occasional tip about what’s coming down the pipeline. I don’t read it for your writer’s lame personal opinions about what they do
or don’t feel constitutes a “rockstar”persona. (Issue 9, vol. III, May 11) Dave Grohl’s lack of diva attitude doesn’t make him boring — it makes him a human being. The fact that’s he’s not some bullshit music press superstar just confirms this. Stick to writing about what you know Mike and leave the psychological profiling to Dr. Phil.



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